Are you part of the Workshops Family?  Please join our Alumni network to learn about programs, news and updates from Washington, DC!  We have an outstanding network of former students who have created special scholarships for their respective communities, contribute as faculty in our seminars, advise our program team and participate in ongoing Workshops Foundation events and activities.

Unique to our alumni affairs is an increasing number of Senators and Representatives in the United States Congress who attended Washington Workshops seminars during their high school years. This esteemed and growing assemblage includes: The Honorable Thomas E. Price, Secretary of Health and Human Services(R-GA), Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Congressman Mike McIntyre (D-NC – Retired), Congressman Pete Gallego (D-TX, Retired), Congressman Mike Ferguson (R-NJ – Retired), and . We hope some of today’s alumni will soon join this distinguished list.

Please join the WF community to tell us your story, get involved and stay in touch!

Alumni Projects and Scholarship Initiatives